Thursday, July 3, 2008

More than just goooood... friends?

Can man and woman really be good friends? This is a question that has plagued many of us not only in today's society but also in popular culture all around us. Many of today's television program storylines revolve around the on-again, off-again friendship/romances of the male and female characters portrayed. It is a fact of life that males and females everywhere are trying to have platonic relationships with one another. Some of these friendships succeed but the majority do not because of the ‘S’ factor. The most common reason why friendships fail between men and women is because the ‘S’ factor has becomes part of the equation.

When the film ‘When Harry Met Sally’ rolled out in 1989, Billy Crystal said, "Men and women cannot be friends because the ‘S’ factor always gets in the way," and that set the tone for a generation of relations between men and women. In another film, ‘Friends, Sex and the City’, Bridget Jones said, “…the moral of all those nineties dramas was, don't kid yourself, eventually you're going to get together or drift apart.”

As we aged, we started to realise "Why is it that just because there's a man and a woman there needs to be a romance? Is it necessary that every man you meet has to be a potential suitor?" Generally speaking, men and women genuinely believe that we can all be friends with each other without the risk of a sexual attraction entering the relationship. But there are also the cynics who feel that men and women were destined to be more than just friends.

One of the things I often confronted by in my counselling group is, 'I just don't understand her' or 'I don't understand him'. Men and women do think and feel differently. Therefore, the more exposure you have to the way the opposite gender thinks, the more likely you are to have some understanding.
Advantages of having Best Male Friends:
1. Gain an insight into the male species.
2. Can introduce me to their CUTE friends!
3. Not bitchy.
4. No monthly mood swing.
5. Give me honest opinions when clothes shopping.
6. Instant and huge shoulder for me to cry on.
7. Can rely on them to accompany me to a party when I'm dateless!

Thanks Gary, I love your pamperings but you gonna spoil me you know.
Thanks Dennis, you take care of me like a big brother but actually you're younger than me.

Thanks Mike, I enjoy every breakfast with you but I prefer the roti prata at Upper Thomson Road!
Thanks Melvin, WeiBing, Shaun and ..., I know you will always be there for me when I need you.
Hey guys, if you happen to read this and find that I didn't mention you, just remember I love you too.

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