Thursday, May 28, 2009

Circle line opens...

The 5 new MRT stations of the Circle Line begin operations today. This is a 5km stretch from Bartley to Marymount. In between are Serangoon, Lorong Chuan and Bishan stations.

Above: inside Bartley station
Above: this mural at Bartley station consists of 160,000 one-cents coins embedded in glass

Above left: inside Lorong Chuan station - a unique Y-shaped beam, also seen at other Circle Line stations
Above right: another art piece at Lorong Chuan station
Above: inside Bishan station
Above: another unique art piece at Bishan station
Above: Marymount station. Above right: another unique art piece
Above: please give way to alighting passengers. Actually a small thing but seem a BIG headache.
Above: now new & clean train (let's see how long it lasts)

bak chang festival or duanwu jie (端午节)

5 months of 2009 has slipped by. Today is the 5th day of the 5th month in the Lunar calendar. It has been a tradition for the Chinese to celebrate and enjoy the "Rice Dumpling Festival", also known as "Dragon Boat Festival".

The Chinese celebrate the Rice Dumpling Festival by making pyramid-shape dumplings with glutinous rice with savoury fillings wrapped in bamboo leaves. The traditional dumplings are boring and ordinary, somehow through the years, new creations are added on and of course, all these variations of rice dumplings promise to tantalise different taste buds.

Honestly, if I didn't notice these bak chang hanging at the stalls, I wouldn't have realise today is duanwu jie. I remember I haven't touch bak chang for years. I have gastric and have problem digesting glutinous rice. Besides, bak chang are high-caloried, as such, I do not mind skipping it.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Gallop Stable@Pasir Ris

Singapore's first public horse riding school located at Pasir Ris Carpark C. The stable has 9 schooled ponies, 2 minitures and 1 yearling-Gallopina. Daily activities at the stable includes riding lessons, pony rides and pony feeding. If your kid loves horse riding, check out at the Gallop Stable.

Look at these handsome horses...

Children taking horse riding lessons...

Monday, May 4, 2009


You have shot to fame almost overnight when you survived 36 days buried beneath rubble during the Sichuan earthquake on 12 May 2008. But today, barely a year later from the big new you have made, most people shun away from you. It's because you are directly or indirectly connected to this respiratory disease called Swine Influenza (swine flu) or H1N1.

Luckily, some experts who stood up for you. They said though it may known as swine flu but this has nothing to do with pig farming. The experts said the problem begins with the wily nature of the influenza virus itself. They thought, if pigs are to be blame, so too are birds and humans.

Now human beings has the reason to get a new flu vaccine every year. The virus has changed so much that it can shake off last year's shot. So add this to your 'annual do-list'.

The good new is that, despite the scare, people can still have their favourite pork chop, bak kwa, bak chor mee and bak ku teh... So take care, pigs.