Saturday, July 26, 2008

Good foods are to be shared (8)

We had roti prata at about 10.30am. It must be at my favourite prata place, where else! Crispy prata with curry chicken and sambal squids – what a perfect match! Rating: 6/10.

This was supposed to be our breakfast cum lunch because we got a durian appointment at 4pm. We reserved two D100 yesterday so we wanted to keep our stomachs for the D100.

The time arrived. Finally, we got our D100 but we weren't a bit thrill.

First, the 2 "ugly-looking" durians just this size cost $28!

Second, 2 durians had only 4 seeds of flesh (one already in my stomach)! That means one seed costs $7!

Third, at a closer look, the flesh are greenish-yellow in colour (as though when you knocked your hand against something hard and the next day you find that area turned “dark green”. I thought I would be eating a wounded durian flesh.

But the moment I put the flesh into my mouth, my “curse and swear” were gone. Thick and super creamy flesh with slightly bitter taste! It was super shiok! Rating: 8.5/10.

D100 is relatively uncommon and because it’s a new cultivar, stocks are limited. You definitely need to make reservation if you want to try this new hybrid. Sure worth the wait but don't get "lui-lian-shock"!

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