Thursday, July 17, 2008

Good foods are to be shared (2)...

Besides enjoying good food, I also have a soft spot for local tang-shui (desserts) too. However, I'll make sure that each time after taking tang-shui, I'll try to mitigate it by exercising. Actually, I’m quite picky on the type of tang shui I take. Are they make with original ingredients? How they are prepared? So, I don't just settle for any 'tom, dick or harry' tang shui.

From left to right:
tang yuan in ginger soup, $2; Rating: 7/10

yuan yang- a combination of almond paste & black sesame paste, $2; Rating: 5/10

yam paste with ginkgo nut & pumpkin, $3; Rating: 7/10
peanut soup with you-char-kueh, $0.90; Rating: 4.5/10

barley with beancurd skin & ginkgo nut, $1.10; Rating: 4.5/10
mango sago with pomelo, S$3.50; Rating: 7/10

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