Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Toastmaster of the Toastmasters?

It's the start of the 2nd half of 2008, a few contracts need to be renewed. Met up with 4 client bosses today. Coincidentally, the 4 different meetings ended up at kaya roti coffeeshops. Luckily, we didn't patronise a same coffeeshop. There are many such coffeeshops these days, whether “branded” or “unbranded” and they can be easily found in neighbourhood shopping centres.

It's just a simple kaya roti and half-boiled eggs with kopi but this has become our national "cannot be missed" order for breakfast or tea breaks.

Kaya roti is actually a thick, rich, rough yet creamy, coco-nutty and eggy kaya, spread over toast bread or bun with a slice of cold butter. It is usually accompanied by freshly-brewed local-style kopi, percolated with kopi socks. The experience is best enriched with two smoothly half-boiled eggs with a shot of soy sauce and a puff of pepper.

In the old days, you could easily get this snack from any coffeeshop. Could not remember since when, I start seeing the ubiquitous kaya kopi coffeeshop chains sprouting up in retail malls and at every convenient corner. But sad to say, the soul of it has been lost. That touch, sense and feel of making the perfect kopi kaya meal have been folded into the pages of the operation manual of a chain stall. Well, different people have different tastes, it all depends on individuals. If you are the type who likes to rekindle old memories, you can try to buy kaya roti at some traditional coffeeshops down the lanes.

Left: Ya Kun kaya roti set
Right: Ah Mei kaya roti set

left: Killiney kaya roti set

right: Toastbox kaya roti set

People have different tastes and likings and don't be surprised each of these chains have their own group of loyal supporters.

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