Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy students and customers...

3 days end-users training ended today at 3pm. 2 days ago, the 9 users including the 3 bosses, were filled with ???, but now they walked out filled with confidence and 100% satisfaction (as reflected in their feedback forms).

The users training is designed to enable each and every individual of the company who interacts with the system a better understanding of the system operation, services and resources. At the end of the day, end-users training helps to ensure that all end-users have the essential knowledge to support, adopt and successfully leverage to get businesses done. Usually, end users training is conducted before the system “goes live”.

In our line of business, end-users training does not mean the close of a project. To us, it's another job successfully completed and a few more happy customers and friends. Following, we provide a 6 months warranty. The customer will decide if they want to continue with support maintenance after warranty.

After a great lunch with the customers, it was time to say goodbye... Don't worry, we will be back...

"Trainers are very professional. Difficult things are explained in a simpler way for us to understand..."

"The new system is necesary. Besides being the core of our business, it will play a major role to eliminate unneccessary cost..." This is from one of the bosses.

"... I'm not scared of computers anymore. The trainers say they are under my control."

"Trainers are fun, diligent and very patient..."

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