Saturday, June 21, 2008

The talk of the town... about a molestation that took place in South Korea. The female character Ms F asked the male character Mr M to accompany her to South Korea to settle an accident claim. Because none of her female friends were free to accompany her and that was why she turned to Mr M, believing that Mr M is a trustworthy man. However, it was such coincidence that the hotel, which they were supposed to put up in South Korea, made a mistake and allocated a room with a double bed to them. Ms F trusted Mr M and did not hesitate but to share the bed with him. However, on the last night of the trip, Ms F felt Mr M’s fingers running from her back to her buttocks. Ms F claimed that she was shocked but was too scared to confront Mr M. Instead she spent the rest of the night relating her ordeal to a friend via online chat and her blog.

Never did she expect she would become the limelight and her experience sparked a flurry of nasty comments from bloggers who have read her posts.

Then Mr M gave his side of the story. He claimed that he hugged her with her consent. Actually he has courted her for more than 2 years and helped her pay a study loan of <$48k. He even confessed his love for her before. He said they have gone out regularly for meals and movies. He thought the signals were cleared to her… Ms F confirmed these but claimed that the money was a gift from him. The latest… Ms F claimed that all she wanted was an apology. However, Mr M wasn't that lucky. He was sacked by his company and got his lawyer to ask Ms F for the money.

Ladies, learn your lessons:
1. If you need to travel with a guy whom you think is just a casual friend, ask for separate hotel room.
2. If your budget only allows you to share a room, ask for a twin-bed room.
3. If the hotel left with 1 last double-bed room, make sure you bring a long touch-light and sleep with thick tracksuit. Place the touch light beside you when you sleep. Tell the guy this is for emergency hotel blackout.
4. If you know you can't control what's gonna happen, at least, get a macho, good-looking and "loaded" guy to go with you!

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