Tuesday, June 10, 2008

He is marrying his sweetheart...

He is my idol, Tony Leung Chiu Wai.
I’m seldom crazy about guys not to mention superstars, but this guy cum superstar is exception. Despite being an international celebrity, he does not have any airs and is most earnest and down-to-earth in his attitude towards his work, his fans and the media. Despite the lines of maturity around his eyes, just a smile is enough to electrify me. He speaks wittily but sincerely that even the media was amazed by his maturity.

Latest about him, he is going to wed his longtime sweetheart, Carina Lau, this year! Being their superfan, I'm super delighted. They are the most compatible couple in the entertainment line. I sincerely wish them a everlasting marriage and a happy life.

Biography of Tony Leung
Date of Birth: 27 June 1962
Height: 1.71m
Tony Leung was born in Hong Kong on 27 June 1962. He was brought up by his mother after his dad left them when he was 7. In 1982, Tony passed TVB artiste training courses and became an actor. He shot to fame after acting comedy style TV series like "Lu Ding Ji" (The Duke of Mount Deer) (1984). Since then, he further into big screens acting like "Sha Shou Hu Die Meng"(My Heart Is That Eternal Rose ) (1989) and "Bei Qing Cheng Shi" (A City of Sadness) (1989). After starring in movies directed by Wong Kar Wai such as “Chung Hing Sam Lam” (Chung King Express) (1994) and “Chun Gwong Cha Sit” (Happy Together ) (1997), he gained more recognition and respect and finally won the Best Actor Award at Cannes International Film Festival for his outstanding performance in "Fa Yeung Nin Wa” (In the Mood for Love) (2000).

You may be more familiar with his latest compositions:
2008: Red Cliff; Ashes of Time Redux
2007: Lust, Caution (se, jie)
2006: Confession of Pain (shang cheng)
2005: Seoul Raiders (han cheng gong lue)
2004: 2046
2003: Colour of Sound (di xia tie); Internal Affairs 3 (wu jian dao 3); My Lucky Star (xing yun chao ren)
2002: Internal Affairs (wu jian dao); Hero (ying xiong); Chinese Odyssey 2002 (tian xia wu shuang)

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