Thursday, July 2, 2009

Let's go Changi boardwalk...

Fancy for a quiet stroll amid lush greenery with the sound of waves lapping on the shore and the cool sea breeze blowing into your face, try the Changi Boardwalk. Spanning 2.6km along the coastline of Changi located at the eastern tip of Singapore, the Changi Boardwalk is divided into 6 segments but the path is contiguous from west to east.

above: map reference showing the various section of the boardwalk.

above: Changi Point Ferry Terminal, where visitors would board a bumboat to Pulau Ubin, Singapore's rural island paradise or Pengerang, a fishing town in JB.

above: a pavilion marks the entrance to the Changi Boardwalk located near Changi Point Ferry Terminal.

Entering into Creek Walk which lies on the southern bank of Sungei Changi. You can view the mouth of Sungei Changi from here

>>> this way to Beach Walk.

This is the 2nd largest stretch of the boardwalk. The Beach Walk faces the Serangoon harbour and Changi beach.
>>> this way to Sailing Point Walk.

above: Sailing point Walk, near the Changi Sailing Club (below) where you can enjoy views of the sailboats and the expanse of the sea.

above: Changi Sailing Club. No trepassing unless you want to be clawed.
>>> this way to Cliff Walk.
>>> you will see this rock formation along the Cliff Walk.

... Cliff Walk, a walk through lush greenery located just below the hilltop chalets. Viewing decks along this stretch at vanatge point where it is common to see wedding couple capturing their memorable moments...

>>> this way to Kelong Walk.

Fishing can be done at any part of the broadwalk, but you will see most people fish at the Kelong Walk, probably because this boardwalk is slightly extended seawards and they though there will be more fishes here.

above left: a make shift fishing boat
above right: Changi Beach Club

Finally, we have arrived at the Sunset Walk, to catch the beautiful view of the sunset over Changi Point.

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