Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sengkang Riverside Park (1)

The residents of Sengkang would be delighted that they finally got not 1 but 3 parks. Located at Anchorvale Street in Sengkang housing estate, Riverside Park is divided into 3 areas, namely the Visitor Centre Plot, Mangrove Plot and Civic Centre Plot.

Visitor Centre Plot is located at the northern side of Anchorvale Street. Here, you can find
a) Sengkang Riverside carpark (presently parking is FOC);
b) The Visitor Centre building has a huge open space under its distinctive curved roof. This is shop space for future eateries and sitting space for outdoor performance with a pleasant park view.
c) Another feature is the pond filled with small fishes. It lies at the bottom of a slope from the Visitor Centre. There is a prominent 'no-fishing' sign beside this pond, but who cares...

Above: Look at this visitor centre building...

No fishing sign yet...

left: when the creepers cover this structure, it should provide good shade.
right: this small hill with a stepped slope is another unusual characteristic of this park.

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