Friday, June 19, 2009

Durian Degustation at East Coast Road

The durian buffet costed $20/head with unlimited helpings of all the durian cultivars they have on hand, except for mao san wang. Like eating fine cheese, there is a proper order to begin the durian degustation. First, we started off with a mild variety and progress to the stronger ones.

We started off with a mild durian - D101. The pulp is slightly sweet and creamy, but easy on the palate. If there ever was a starter durian, it would be the D101.

Followed next was D13 which looked quite similar to Hong Xia but the taste was less complex. Sweet but less fibrous than most durians and not very strong in taste. Good for people trying for the 1st time.

Next up was the famous Penang Hong Xia or Red Prawn or Ang Hay. The characteristic red pulp was very creamy and sticky. The durian was sweet but with a bitter aftertaste, much like eating bitter chocolate. However, I think this batch wasn't really at its prime.

Followed up was the Black Pearl which I thought was the best of the lot that evening. The bitterness in the Black Pearl was excellent. However, before I could snap a picture, the Black pearl were gone!

Then we had the Hulu, named because of its violin like shaped like the gourd of the same name (but this one didn't look like a hulu).

Next on the queue is Jin Feng or Golden Phoenix. It tasted bitter with a more variety texture and strong pungent smell.

Finally was the prized Mao Shan Wang or Butter Durian which was bitter sweet taste and stickly, creamy texture. Flesh can be sweet and bitter within the same fruit.
Not enough? Can always 'da pau' some home...

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