Friday, August 29, 2008

Women’s deadly foe...

It was a tiring and a very stressful week. Work, by default, was one of the culprits, so what were the other causes? First, it was my sister-in-law and now my own sister - they were diagnosed with breast cancer!

My sister-in-law had a surgery and is undergoing chemotherapy and observation. My sister is waiting for some further tests before a surgery could be performed. Though they were the victims but this has affected the rest of us in the families. There was something I found about these two women – they knew about this earlier but chose to delay treatments. When the rest of us found out, we only know to reprimand them. What was more important to them than getting treated? It was the thought of their young children! Who would take care of them when mums were not around? Now you see, aren’t WOMEN great?

I have read psychology and couselling as this has been my passion. Since then, I’ve been conducting counselling sessions for children at a FSC on a voluntary basis. Turning “bad apples” into “not so bad apples” and eventually become “good apples” have been my greatest satisfactions. What more fantastic are more and more of these “good apples” become our ambassadors.

However, when it comes to talking to my own next of kin, I was like, kind of “lost of words”. They would laugh if I say, “everything would be fine”, even doctors don’t assure their patients 100%! But I know I have to say something. After pondering for a while, I told my sister “go for your surgery, your children will be in good hands, I’ll be there for them, wherever, whenever and whatever…” She nodded in confidence... So, I’ve got another task for the next few months – “kids sitting”!

Thanks Gary, you’ve been a great pal. Although you are already very tight-up juggling among work, attending briefings for the coming F1 and doing up your new apartment, yet you’ve never failed to call and check the status. I'll take care of myself and will try not to miss your calls anymore.

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Gary said...

My Dear, glad that you are back blogging again. My effort is nothing compared to yours. If you haven't been talking so much to this bad, rotten apple here, I think I wouldn't have reconciled with my mum.

Don't worry too much. A lot of things are beyond our control. Didn't you mention that we should live to the fullest - enjoy what we do and do what we enjoy!

Team n a Dream and CozyHaven need you back.