Sunday, August 3, 2008

Good foods are to be shared (10)

I always think of this place whenever I crave for nasi lemak. It's none other than Ponggol nasi lemak at Upper Serangoon Road. If you want to eat here, you must be prepared for a at least 30-minutes queue. But it’s worth waiting when you look at the varieties of food they offer. From chicken wing, drumstick, otak, fish, ikan bilis, fish cake, various types of vegetables, etc. But what’s more important is the very shiok chilli! Rating: 5/10.

After the meal, you definitely need a walk to get rid of the extra calorie. And it will be none other than the Ponggol boulder beach. From the jetty you can see pulau ubin and other smaller islets. The beach is now a favourite fishing place.

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