Sunday, September 27, 2009

MacRitchie Reservoir, a runners’ rendezvous...

Finally, the upgrading for the park where I ran my cross country during school days was completed.

Costing $1.2 million, phase 1 upgrading includes a new multi-storey carpark, a sheltered amentities centre, a spacious warm-up area and an improved floating pontoon for kayakers to launch their kayaks.

Phase 2 upgrading involves improvements to the bandstand, internal roads and footpaths, as well as the construction of new F&B outlets at the hilltop and landscaping. Expected to complete in 2011.

^ This new multi-storey car park consists of 300 lots, 110 lots more than the previous 3 open-air carparks. The carpark has plenty of greenery and rainwater. Rainwater collected in the carpark planters, irrigating the soil and providing nutrients for plants. The remaining water seeps through soil to pipes leading into the landscape retention pond.

^ Palm trees and a green lawn (above) greet the visitors at the revamped reservoir entrance (bottom), which also lead to the entrance of the amenities centre

^ right: the amenities centre.
^ left: entrance to the amenities centre which is now equipped with shower facilities as well as food kiosk.

^ Also, a new warm-up area and an announcement stage, which I think, will be most welcomed to event organisers.

^ With the opening of these long-closed gates, you can now take a stroll along the top MacRitchie's dam.

^ This zig-zag bridge and pavilion which are supposedly popular spots in the 1980s for lovers' meeting.

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