Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ann Siang Hill, a historical hill you can't miss...

I've missed out this very 'significant hill' from my previous blog on Chinatown. Some people said this is a 'must see' part of Chinatown. Actually, I've been to this hill at least twice and ok, I decided to add this in...

Ann Siang Hill is a small hill and the name of a one-way road located in Chinatown. The road links Club Street and Ann Siang Road to South Bridge Road. Ann Siang Road connects Ann Siang Hill to Kadayanallur Street.

Ann Siang Hill was originally known as Scott's Hill and was owned by Charles Scott who cultivated a nutmeg and cloves estate on it. He sold it to John Gemmil who re-christened the place as Gemmil's Hill. The hill's name was changed again when it later sold to Chia Ann Siang, around the turn of the 20th century and the hill was renamed as Ann Siang Hill.

Today, Ann Siang Hill is the tallest geographical point in Chinatown. Both Ann Siang Road and Ann Siang Hill are still lined with quaint old restored shophouses and richly decorated terrace houses with five-foot way. Most of these buildings were constructed between 1903 and 1941 are are today home to offices and enterprises. The layout of the streets are informal. Boutique hotels, eating places, commercial units, trendy bars, restaurants and eating places on the streets have made the roads popular upmarket places.

All these are presently under the Chinatown conservation area.

Up at Ann Siang Hill is the Ann Siang Hill Park, which is a tucked away escapade between the hustle nad bustle of Club Street and Ann Siang Road.

^ This is one of the entries to Ann Siang Hill, i.e. via Amoy Street, next to Sian Chor Temple.

Follow the red winding pathway that winds upslope and take you up to a timber deck with a bird's eye of the undulating landscape. You may catch office workers gather to unwind with a puff or gossip over packed lunches within its shady nooks.

I exited via Ann Siang Road. There is another exit at Club Street.

^ Spend a little of your time traversing through the old world charms of Ann Siang Road. When evening falls, the clubs/pubs start to blast music which can be heard throughout the stretch of the revamped shophouses. There is no better place than to be here!

^ A boutique hotel at Erskine Road and its narrow five-foot walkway.

We are now at Ann Siang Hill. Don't worry, you won't get breathless walking on this hill...

It's just a gentle slope lined with elegantly restored shophouses.

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