Friday, August 21, 2009

a HOME on campus...

This $30 million Shaw Foundation Alumni House is open to all former students of NUS and has a business centre for them. It also houses the NUS Alumni Office and several NUS offices like the NUS International Relations Office.

The sprawling National University of Singapore (NUS) Alumni Complex sits in the heart of the Kent Ridge campus. Nestled between the NUS Faculty of Arts & Social Science and its business school, it took more than 2 years and $62 million to build. The complex itself has 2 different buildings - the NUS Society's (NUSS) new Kent Ridge Guild House and the NUS Shaw Foundation Alumni House. Supposedly to reflect the vision of providing NUS graduates with 'a home on campus' and fostering a sense of belonging to the University.

above left: exterior of NUS Alumni Complex
above right: Alumni service centre

above: the facilities in the Alumni service centre

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