Monday, January 26, 2009

CNY holidays in Malaysia (1)

KL / Putrajaya (1 day)

We set off at 6am this morning and arrived at KL at noon. Traffic was smooth as most people have already set off last Saturday to enjoy the long weekend. It was then shopping and food. Later noon, we drove to Putrajaya where we spent the night.

Putrajaya, located about 25km south of KL, is the new federal administrative centre of Malyasia. Several government offices have relocated there to gain relief from the overcrowding and congestion of KL which is Malaysia's largest city. However, KL still serves as Malaysia’s national and legislative capital for now. Putrajaya is a Federal Territory just like the city of KL and the island of Labuan.

The city has a number of bridges spanning an artificial lake, Putrajaya Lake. It has only been established recently and it is still undergoing massive development.

We put up at Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside Hotel for the night. The hotel is within easy reach of most tourist attractions and business addresses. This yet to be opened hotel comes with WiFi & LCD TV not the usual CTV. Goods views and good choice for business trips as well as R&R.

The Hotel...

Our room - no. 3801

Above: The centre of the 4 wings of the hotel features a clock tower.

Above: Excellent views of the lake & bridges from the hotel.
Above left: Extending out to the lake is a al fresco dining resturant and a bar.
Above right: the hotel’s 250-seat open air amphitheatre located on the lakefront.

Above: The neighbouring Water Sports Complex to hold international waterski and wakeboard series.

In and around Putrajaya...
Above left: The Perdana Putra, the Prime Minister’s office
Above right: Putra Mosque at Putrajaya Lake
Above left: Seri Wawasan Bridge
Above right: Perbadanan government complex
Above left: Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC)
Above right: Palace of Justice

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