Monday, October 27, 2008

National Parks' latest addition - Admiralty Park

Admiralty Park, with phrase 2 recently opened, is a 27-hectare nature area with a rich variety of animals and plants. This is the largest park in the North West district to offer both recreational amenities and a mangrove swamp. There is a hilly terrain shaped like a river valley to reflect the history of the site, which used to have a river (Sungei Cina) running through it.

Home to over 100 species of animals and plants, the park offers 3 types of habitats - open grassland, tropical rainforest and mangroves. It has three boardwalks and a 2-km nature trail for visitors to enjoy its rustic surroundings. The boardwalks and the trail are carefully placed to minimise disturbance to the existing mangrove swamp and habitats. The trail is very straightforward with signboards which enable visitors to better appreciate the various species of flora and fauna found in the nature area.

We entered the park through the west entrance. First, check the map of the park and mind the trail manners.

Top left: The pond infront of the Sakura restaurant
Top right: amphi-theatre facing the pond

Top left: Nipah Palm from which "attap chee", an ingredient found in local desserts, can be harvested
Top right: start of the trail from west entrance

Top left: Acrosthicum leaves are fire resistant & can be used as roof thatch.
Top right: one of the boardwalks

Above: the trails are easy and straight forward

Here's the main attraction - the mangrove swamp
Mangrove tree has buttresses and kneed roots. The leaves are elliptic-oblong and stipules are often red. They can be used as timber for house poles and rafters and the bark (astringent) can be used to treat malaria.

Spot the mudskippers...

another boardwalks...

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