Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cambodia – A vibrant culture, charming people, jaw-dropping sights (part 2)

Cambodia is a place that will capture your heart, if you let it. I'm glad I made this trip because there are many things that make me feel grateful for the life I live every day.

Life in Cambodia...
Women are not sitting at home, they also eking out a living based on what they can do.

top left: selling grilled bananas
top right: selling steamed groundnuts

top left: selling pancake.
top right: selling fruits and dried products.

Insects become delicacies...
top left: deep fried locusts and crickets!
top right: deep fried frogs, pigeons and spiders!

top left: dried fishes
top right: these are not orange juices, they are fuel, come in all sizes -S, M & L.

On the ROAD...
Usually, traffic moves in both directions in both lanes, just weaving in and out and around to avoid head-on collisions. Safety is not much of a consideration. Luckily the slow speeds of traffic in the city--partly due to the congestion, partly to the poor condition of the roads--keeps more people from being killed although quite enough are injured daily.

Bicycles, cyclos (3-wheeled double-seat bicycles) and motorbikes are the normal vehicles in traffic.

top left: Here a family of 4, Dad, mum and 2 kids, fits very comfortably on a typical motorbike.

top left: large cyclos
top right: Sammel Taxi

Their HOMES...
The Fishing industry is one of the most important in Cambodia. Over 2 million people live on or around Tonle Sap, the largest freshwater lake in South East Asia.

More than 85% of Cambodia's people are farmers, and 85% of the farmers still use cattles for plowing.

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