Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The efforts of the Government and her people make life and environment better each day. Old developments, including my family’s “government houses” were removed to make room for better housings and shopping centres. Buildings are getting taller and taller and are equipped with better and advanced facilities.

Most of us live in public housings (HDB) or private developments (condominium, landed, etc). Many of the new HDB flats look so great that you may mistake them for private housings. Economy gets better and with high employment rate, most people can afford to spend more on personal life.

In Singapore, it’s quite common to see married couples or to-be-married couples move out to stay on their own. Reasons being setting up a new family, "2 persons world", privacy, etc… Of course, this happens only if the couples’ finances allow.

We also managed to save enough for a private apartment...

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