Thursday, May 29, 2008

HSBC TreeTop Walk (part 2) - appreciating Mother Nature...

We've finally arrived at the HSBC TreeTop Walk, a 250m long suspension walkway between the 2 highest points in MacRitchie! Walk through the bridge slowly; breathe in the fresh air while appreciating the nature.

This is the view from the suspension walkway. Yes, only the trees' tops! You may catch a panoramic view of Upper Peirce Reservoir if weather permits.

Sometimes it's not all about what you get to see finally. I've been here more than 10 times, the challenge to me are the obstacles of getting up here, I tried many different trails, "official" and "unofficial". Life is like when you were getting up here, a route of obstacles, we must learn to overcome obstacles in order to enjoy the fruit. The next time, try the MacRitchie Nature Trail if you haven't done so. It's thrilling!

Ranger Station serves as a convenient resting point, with basic amenities such as toilets and a water cooler, and an information kiosk for users.

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