Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kukup, this week...

Situated in southwest of Johor Bahru is a century old fishing village called Kukup. The majority of the residents are fishermen or fish farmers. They catch fish from the Straits of Malacca sea and sell them to the market place in Pontian.

Built entirely on stilts, Kukup is an ideal place for people looking for a day trip or a short weekend getaway. We paid RM5 each and board an old fishing boat for a tour to the kelong that brought us up close and personal to some of the sea creatures found around the seas of Kukup. Shark, sea urchin, etc… and a frenzy fish feeding session!

Besides the kelong tour, there are also guided boardwalk tours through the mangroves where you get to experience the sights and sound of walking through a mangrove swamp.

But what is it that makes visitors come back again and again to Kukup? Yes, the very fresh and cheap seafood here!

We chose High King Restaurant. The lunch cost us RM60+ but the seafood didn't taste as good we thought. Though there wasn’t any ‘wows’ for the seafood but I gave it 2 thumbs up for its services and amenities. This restaurant allowed us to park our car within the building shaded from the scorning sun. We also left our car there for the rest of the day while we went sight-seeing. It was a big deal considering that parking in Kukup really sucks!

It's kelong tour...

above left: His name is Ah Long, our boatman cum guide. He is good in explaining about Kukup village and the history behind.

top and bottom: so many kelongs ...

above: Arrived at the kelong. This is just one of the hundreds of kelongs here.

above & below: The standard demo catch...

Uncle selling products like salted fish, ikan bilis, dried shrimps, seaweed, etc.

Next is a boardwalk tour through the mangroves...

above left: the snake river
above right: the suspension bridge, about 15m high. no sweat!

above & below: There are many of these signages. Do you get what they want to say?
above: this is the observation tower.
It's lunch time...
left: butter prawns
right: deep fried calamari

left: steamed fish
right: Kukup specialty, it's not ang ko kueh ok.

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