Saturday, February 28, 2009

Back in Malacca again…

Was here in January during the Chinese New Year. I cannot remember how many times I have been here but I know I just kind of love this place! Of course, besides chowing the Malacca delicacies, there are the Malacca well preserved buildings and architectural, vanishing trades which we could not find them back home and not to mention the rich Nyonya culture here.

Their latest attraction is the revamped Malacca River which is now as significant as the Singapore River. Just like Singapore, the river was used in the past for trading, and the shop houses nearby were used as store rooms. Now, the shop houses are revamped into cafes and shops. It becomes a great place to meet and eat. Another addition is the Eyes of Malacca which is yet to be opened.

It took us 4 hours to come here and another 4 hours to return home. But I think it just worth all the efforts. Don’t ask me why, I think pictures tell everything.

Now sit back and be fascinated by the Rich History of Malacca!
The charming buildings and architectural...
The Quayside

Malacca from above ...

The vanishing trades...
left: 'ting ting tang' or malt candy
right: flavoured ice tube
left: all time favourite - chendol
right: stall selling Malacca delicacies such as belachan, chinchalok, gula Melaka, etc
left: all types of homemade nyonya kueh
right: handmade clogs
left: vanishing collectors' items
right: hand painted batik
left: goldsmith shop
right: a haven for antique collectors & bargain hunters
left: bound feet shoes
right: made to measure sarong kebaya
The process of making gula melaka...
left: removing coconut husk
right: grating the coconut flesh for milk
Above: The coconut milk is then cooked with palm sugar. When hardened, it take shape like this
left: ironmonger
left: trishaw riders
right: street artist
Malacca's cannot miss favourites...
Chinese Chicken Rice Ball is a signature dish you must try whenever you are in Melaka.
left: cendol
right: dry mee
left: nyonya chicken
right: nyonya otak
above: satay celup

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