Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A day of sun, sea & fun... at the Marina Barrage

The Marina Barrage is a 350m wide dam built across the Marina Channel to keep out seawater. It forms Singapore’s 15th reservoir and the first in the heart of the city. Besides being a new source of water supply for Singapore, the barrage serves as flood control and delivers an impeccable waterfront experience.

With the barrage in place, the Marina Basin will turn into a body of freshwater through natural flushing. The freshwater will then be treated using advanced membrane technology before consumption.

The Marina Barrage is part of a comprehensive flood control scheme to alleviate flooding in the low-lying areas in the city such as Chinatown, Boat Quay, Jalan Besar and Geylang.

As the water in the Marina Basin is unaffected by the tides, its water level will be kept constant all year round. This is ideal for all kinds of recreational activities such as windsurfing, kayaking and dragon boating, etc.

Top left: The barrage lies across Marina South & Marina East.
Top right: A bird's view of the Marina barrage. (This picture was taken from PUB website).

Top left: Arrived at the Marina Barrage and be greeted by the breathtaking view of the city skyline and the water beyond.
Top right: The Marina Bridge.

Above: The barrage, which comprises of 9 numbers of 30m long hydraulically operated steel crest gates, built across the 350m wide Marina Channel. Under normal conditions, the steel gates will remain closed to isolate the reservoir from the sea. During heavy rain, the steel gates will open as necessary to release excess storm water to the sea when the tide is low. However, when it is not possible to do so during high tide, the Drainage Pumping Station capable of pumping up to 280 cubic metres per second will pump out the excess storm water into the sea.

Walk across the bridge and arrived at the Central Courtyard.

Hub of numerous water features and playareas for visitors, young and old, to get in touch with water and soak in all the fun.

Top left: German sculptor Bernward Frank’s ‘Wasser Zylinder’.
Top right: Force of Nature, an aluminum and stainless steel sculpture by Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn.- Representing the fragility of human existence in the face of nature’s fury.

The Green Roof is a large rooftop garden the size of 4 football fields. Landscaped to integrate with the surrounding environment, the grass and soil form a natural insulation for the building protecting it from the sun and preventing it from heating up as much as it would with a concrete roof. It doubles up as a recreational space, open to public access. It serves as an insulation to lower the temperature of the building. It also houses the Solar Park with 405 solar panels generating electricity for the building.

No visit is complete without viewing the Sustainable Singapore Galleries, an information and sensory extravaganza showcasing Singapore’s efforts towards environmental sustainability Located on the 2nd floor, there are 6 differently themed galleries, each exhibit focuses on a different aspect of Singapore’s effort to create a sustainable society.

Gallery 1 showcases the environmental challenges of today. one of the highlights among the exhibits is an “organic tree” sculpture (below), complete with light show and LCD monitors depicting the environmental problems we face today.

Look out for a large wall sculpture (below) made of NEWater bottles with information on how NEWater is produced.

Gallery 2 is an interactive ‘green corridor’ where it recounts the clean up of the Singapore and Kallang Rivers. In the 1970s, both rivers were like open sewers, choked with rubbish and emitting an unbearable stench. Through the clean-up spanning ten years, witness Singapore’s development from independence towards a mature city practicing environmental awareness.

Gallery 3 features the Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters programme, launched by PUB in 2007. See the programme in action, as waterways throughout Singapore are revamped and beautified. Discover how these rejuvenated waters bring communities together and forge a common need to cherish this precious liquid.

Gallery 4 features the innovative barrage model demonstrating how the Marina barrage works. During heavy rain, the 9 crest gates at the dam will be activated to release excess storm water into the sea when the tide is low. If the tide is high, giant pumps which are capable of pumping an Olympics-size swimming pool per minute will drain excess storm water into the sea.

Above: Model of the Marina Barrage in operation.

Gallery 5 get you acquainted with Singapore’s careful planning and management of its limited land area to maximise its potential. The sustainable development story unfolds in 5 chapters featuring different Singapore locations - Central Business District, Punggol 21+, Semakau Landfill, Jurong Island and Central Catchment.

Gallery 6 displays an unwavering commitment from our 3P (People, Private and Public) sectors to care for the environment and water. Everyone has a stake in keeping the environment sustainable, thus join in to make Singapore a better place to live in.

Above: Located right next to Marina Barrage facility is a pier which allow tour boats and ferry services like the Singapore River Taxi to bring people right to its doorstep.

Cruise the river in a river taxi and enjoy the beautiful skyline of the city. It was the greatest moment of life...

Top: Located at Marina Bay, the Singapore flyer brings you remarkable scenes of the Singapore skyline: the magnificent Marina Bay, towering skyscrapers, tropical greenery, and the bright lights and non-stop action against the beautiful skies.

Top right: The Marina Bay Sand, Singapore's first casine, being developed by one of the world's biggest gambling companies,Las Vegas Sands at Marina South in central Singapore. Expected to complete in 2009...

Top left: The colorful floating stage at Marina Bay, the home of our annual National Day parade.
Top right: Going under the highway.

Top left: The Singapore Esplanade - Theatres On The Bay.
Top right: The Business District.

The symbol of Singapore, the Merlion standing graciously by the river mouth.
We have arrived at Merlion Park.

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